As you know both myself and Annebel have 3 beautiful boys – making it 6 boys that keep us on our toes. 6 boys that bring us tadpoles and have mice for pets, 6 boys who run around with army striped mud faces and guns carved out of wood that make bang noises when playing a war game of make believe. 

So when we were asked to create a unicorn day, man, did we BRING the glitter! A lot of pink and purple, rainbows and bling, unicorn swimming pools filled with rainbow glitter water, pink and purple jumping castles and little girl make-up, hair and nail booths. 

Do you need a goodie bag with that? Yes, how can we have our special little ladies leaving a day of fun empty handed? Each girl received a gift pack full of treats including a unicorn photo to take home with them to make the magic last a little bit longer.  

Irene Village Mall is a client close to our heart and its always with a lot of love and care that we do their events. The Unicorn Fun day with 200 delighted little squealing girls was one to remember!