Hi, my name is Annebel and I am a list-a-holic.

My earliest memory of list-making was the day before I went to Gr 1. First to do on my list: Wake up! Needless to say my lists have not changed much, they now even involve crazy detail and sometimes even have babies leaving me with master lists, lists labelled 1.0 or addendum A!?!

Through gaining wisdom over the years or possibly just “adulting”, I have come to learn that life doesn’t always go according to plan or even fit into my lists. I now embrace change much easier but during my earlier career days I struggled to see my bigger future picture.

Whilst finishing my degree at University I had dreams that my love of planning and detail will catapult me into a dreamy job of guesthouse manager or tour operator. Planning other people’s holidays made me so excited, and though I dipped my toes into the Travel Industry for a while, planning other peoples adventurous escapes but not regularly going on such escapes became more routine, and did not spark any joy. I then ventured into the stressful and more serious corporate world, it was here that amidst the scurry of the rat-race I learned most of my now entrepreneurial skills. The layout of a fully functioning business, how to speak to people in a professional manner, how to be confident in your abilities etc. Then motherhood struck and my priorities drastically changed.


A good friend one day asked me over an innocent cup of coffee at a kids play area; what my plans are for the future?! A question I was battling with during that season of my life. I always knew I was good at planning, and 4 years ago over that innocent cup of coffee I pursued my heart’s desire and became an Events Planner.

One thing I knew for certain in my early 20’s was that I will marry my now husband Francois. Never any doubt, best plan that was executed perfectly! 10 Years later and we have 2 beautiful boys with a 3rd on the way. Our relationship from the get go had a unique personality that was strong in our joint beliefs and life goals.

We live for Jesus

We love food

We pursue unique experiences mostly through travel

We highly value fellowship

And we have a mad passion for Africa

I married an adventurous spirit, and he married a planner! I am sure our future will see us ticking of many more bucket list items with our 3 boys in tow.


But on the daily I have to pinch myself that I get to work under the Impressionant Events banner! There is so much freedom in what I can accomplish and lee-way for each stage of motherhood and my career. I feel blessed to be part of a team where I know that I play a unique role and that my mad planning/list-making skills are valued. Our company functions on some awesome values and though we are small in team size we are big and impressive where it matters. Most importantly we get to make a difference in other people’s lives through being present and in charge of their most memorable moments!


I should probably also insert this very important disclaimer: EVENT PLANNING IS HARD WORK! But it is something that I happily choose every day!