Meet the team – Elizca

Hi there, I'm Elizca. For the past year and a half I've been part of the Impressionant team, after studying BSc Biological Sciences at the University of Pretoria. Holy macaroon, what a journey it has been! If I look back to who I was when I first started out and then look at [...]

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Meet the team – Annebel

Hi, my name is Annebel and I am a list-a-holic. My earliest memory of list-making was the day before I went to Gr 1. First to do on my list: Wake up! Needless to say my lists have not changed much, they now even involve crazy detail and sometimes even have babies leaving me [...]

Meet the team – Annebel2020-04-16T14:21:47+02:00

Lizette & Peter

“Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures” ~ Alice in Wonderland ~ We went simply MAD for this Wonderland themed wedding - from top hats to pocket watches to signs that lead you to Wonderland. Rich Burgundy and purples with greenery flowers and décor to complimented [...]

Lizette & Peter2020-04-16T15:15:11+02:00
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