Woof woof, Oliver here! I am one special dog, who loves to take walkies, play with my ball and sometimes go to dog parks with my 2-legged family members.

Once a year though I get the treat to visit Irene Village mall for their family friendly Dog fun day. You heard right; dogs are allowed with their families to a mall as Irene Village mall is one of the very few malls in Pretoria where you get to go with your family. There you can meet up with your other friends, sniff each other, share a bark and see all the awesome goodies they have for us there.

They have an arena set up where you can watch some sports like Agility training, Flyball and even see some spy dogs do what they do best.

Need a haircut- why not try their mobile grooming stand or go for a quick “checkeroo” at the local vet visiting the fun day.

There are also so many things to buy at the different stalls, snacks, beds, lotions and so much more- a dog can really stock up on the essentials there.

I am so very happy to have owners that love me, so for me its always really important to stop at the stands that help animals who needs rescuing, new forever homes or to donate some of my favorite dog food to help a friend in need.

Oh, I do hope we get to go next year again and have a fun filled day out… the humans seem to enjoy it almost as much as we doggies do.

xX Oliver