I am so extremely blessed to be able to say the following – I love my job, I love what I do, I love being a #boymom, I love my husband so much, I love my family and friends who support what I do and who I am.

I love where I am at right now!

A few years back I embarked in this awesome journey, working for myself and living my passion. I cannot get enough of seeing a plan come together whether it is for an event or wedding. I like getting that feeling of a fuzzy-buz in the pit of my stomach when we are ready to open the doors to yet another successful day at the office – aka your event.

Of course the balancing act we play each day is work and home life – I am raising two extremely amazing boys – Liam(5) and Leander(3) with my husband Erik. Over weekends if I am not tying ribbons around one of my unique bridal bouquets, I spend my time with them. My husband whom is not on the fluffy side of life (sometimes flowers and décor can be seen as fluffy….I know right?) keep me driven, focused and supports me 100% in being an entrepreneur and without him I would not be here.

I have 2 amazing sisters who willingly and sometimes unwillingly helps with folding paper airplanes and sticking flowers in arrangements and spend some of their free time at the Impressionant headquarters every now and then – gotta love them sisters – if you don’t have ones like mine – you should get yourself a pair.

In my free time I love doing wine and food pairing date nights with Erik, eating sushi with friends, reading books with my bookclub, going to prayer group, trying new coffee shops, going to the theatre and sometimes just sitting down and binge watching a good series. I like playing with airplanes, building puzzles (not my strong point), playing with Lego, colouring in and building tents out of sheets and blankets…this of course part of being a boymom.


Just as I value commitment, quality time and loyalty in my personal life, I have also made it part of my mantra for Impressionant Events – what I have on the one side of my life I make sure that it spills over to the other and I believe that’s what makes Impressionant different from other companies.

Last but not least, who I am and where I am at is solely because of God – His blessings over my life and that what I call dear is because of Him and through Him.

Grateful to be so blessed