At the end of every year we sit down over a glass of wine and a nice salad and chat about what we would love to see more of in the coming season. Now we need to admit that we have a bit of a love / hate relationship with wedding and event trends, and here is why:

  • Trends tend to get overdone and watered down. Just go Pinterest “greenery runners” and you will get a 1000 varieties.
  • We like unique events, events were people go: “Oh my goodness, I have never seen that before!”.
  • Some brides have fully envisioned their weddings even before they met Prince Charming. And most probably she has chosen a color or style that is different to the norm and who are we as suppliers to say “but that is not on trend”?

So that being said here are 10 things on our wish list for 2019:


We would love to see couples incorporate more elements into their wedding that will create memories whenever them or their guests for example smell that scent again, taste that food again, hear that song again or feel that sand between their toes. Incorporate something that awakens the senses by customizing the finer details when planning your wedding. We can talk about this topic for hours, so maybe we will leave this for a separate blog post in the New Year 😉

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Gone are the days of only flat ironed linens on tables with plain old server plates, cutlery and crockery. Spice things up! Play around with elements like wood, cement, steel, ceramic, cotton or even bamboo in your table designs. Layer different textures to give your table some dimension and depth!

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Mix & Matching

It doesn’t have to match! Brides always seem to fret over what metallic to add or getting that perfect 3 shades of peach. Does gold go better with marsala or silver?? The rule book is out of the window, add whatever, be bold! A great example of mismatching is odd, old, and different chairs or cutlery and crockery.

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There is an entire rainbow of beautiful colors so we tend not to get overly excited about the yearly Pantone color. We however are looking forward to see more:

Jewel tones

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Nudes & Neutrals

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Mustard Yellow

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Guest Entertainment

Having your photos taken after the ceremony is super important but having your guests wait on you without any entertainment for 2 hours is a big no no. Make sure you keep them busy until you make your entrance as Mr & Mrs.
Artisan Bars and DIY food tables have been a favourite this year. We are looking forward to seeing Rum Bars gain popularity, and more food trucks and solo musicians. Selfie booths also seems to be here to stay.

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Small Weddings

Only invite the people that means the world to you. Don’t invite guests that you have to invite due to peer pressure. Keep it small, keep it intimate. You will thank yourself 10 year from now when you don’t have to look at your wedding pics and try and figure out who that stranger is.

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Our most unique weddings have been the ones where the couples have infused as much of their personalities into their wedding as possible. This is definitely not your average cookie cutter wedding. These weddings mostly tend to ignore old-school traditions. Your wedding is exactly that…..your wedding, make sure guests can see it in every detail.

Flowers & Greenery

Hanging arrangements with minimal flowers on the guest tables seems to be a popular trend and we are seeing it pick up steam in South Africa. Important to make sure that your venue allows for hanging arrangement before you fall in love with this trend!

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On foliage we are loving the wild flower/grass notion that makes it look and feel like you are strolling through a veld or overgrown garden.

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Edible centerpieces

This one makes us incredibly happy!! Try and incorporate some edible elements into your centerpieces, possibly cancelling out some flowers or smaller trinkets. Edible elements are awesome as it means less wastage of flowers and decor items on the day. They also come in different variations starting with:

Small additions of fruit, veggies, nuts or even sweets that fit in with the theme

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Sharing platters brought out in increments throughout the reception

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Full blown grazing tables

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Unique venues

We live in a beautiful country that offers couples so many options for wedding venues. You can go bush, mountains, city, farm, beach or desert. Big plus is the fact that we have very little limits on where weddings should take place. Just as long as the legal formalities are done indoors, meaning that you must sign the register or get your marriage certificate before your actual wedding should you plan on getting married in a unusual venue or space. We are hoping to see more ceremonies and receptions in alternative spaces that were not previously used for weddings. We love us a good pop-up wedding!

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A few items we would also like to list is the trends we would like to see less of in 2019:

  • Submerged flowers – Though beautiful this trend has gained popularity again in 2018, we are not pro submerged flower arrangements due to the wasting of water.
  • Greenery Runners – As mentioned above, greenery runners has been VERY popular thanks to Pinterest. Every second bride wants them and unfortunately they dont keep well so not a lot of couples can gift the arrangements making them a big of a waste the day after the wedding.
  • Large bridal parties – The smaller your bridal party the less stress and admin you will have as a couple. Think quality over quantity, by having a smaller party you will also save more money and spend more quality time with your actual bff/s.
  • Extravagant flower arrangements in every corner – No big explanation needed, it is just a waste of flowers and money that no one except for maybe the couple will appreciate. Rather focus on high traffic areas that will feature most in photo’s.

And that is our list for 2019! We are super excited to see what the new season brings and once again, we might not see some of these trends but we sure do hope that couples choose to be more adventurous and take more risks!