As per the definition in the Oxford Dictionary; “Intimate” means: to be closely acquainted, familiar, private or personal.

Why is it that we share one of our most intimate promises with people we rarely know, speak to, or even like? We have found that in the long run the intimate weddings we have been part of, have been some of the most memorable and special wedding days we’ve seen.

Many times bridal couples feel the pressure from family members, work colleagues and even friends to invite people they might not be closely related to or even have a relationship with. All to avoid a possible uncomfortable disagreement.

When speaking with couples a few years after their wedding, that went the more guests route, they often do not speak or have any relations with “those guests” anymore. That means you have spent money on people that don’t even feature in your life anymore but will always feature in your wedding photos – how awkward – just to please others or to keep the peace.

Sometimes an intimate wedding sparks out of a specific wedding budget, by inviting less guests you have less financial strain before and after the wedding day. Whatever the reason is, its OK to share your day with those who are familiar, private or personal to you.

We have seen that even with regards to budgets, keeping your wedding day small you can still do all the special things you have wanted for your big day whether it is splashing out on a specific theme or having that small band you’ve always wanted. You can do it all and best of all share it with the ones you really want there.

The other factor on intimate weddings is that more and more bridal couples end up paying for the wedding themselves, decide how you want your wedding budget spent and if you see that it involves going the more intimate wedding route – then good for you!

We recently did a styled shoot at @kleinkaapvenue to showcase their new intimate wedding venues! Here are some pics to inspire you to go the intimate Wedding route….

Venue: Kleinkaap

Photographer: JC Click

Hair & Make-up: Lara’s Beauty Spot

Dress: Calegra Bridal House

Jewelry: Beaudell Jewellery

Stationary: The Visual Void

Model: Nixx Mcleod

Flowers & Decor Styling: Impressionant Events