Do what you love and love what you do, and you would never have to work a day in your life. Or even better, do what makes a difference big or small in this world by adding your special touch, and you’ve got passion!

From buffalos and the bushveld to bouquets and brides. My name is Chanté Schoeman, a 22-year-old woman with the strong need and love for helping where I can. I was born in Centurion and lived all my life in the city of Jacarandas. I have one older sister, by 9 years, married with a beautiful boy, and parents that support my every move. My entire family has always been seen as the creative ones, always having a plan up our sleeves and 99% of the time thinking creatively rather than analytically. Growing up as two daughters in a very cruel world, my father raised us more like tomboys. This way he would be sure that his two daughters would be able to survive in this world on their own if necessary. At that moment I never understood why he did what he did, but today I am very thankful for that, as he showed us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, girl or boy, young or old.

I decided to study Nature Management as I have a love for nature and animals and at the end of my three years of study, I got my diploma. Being a city girl my whole life, who loved nature, I soon realised that not all of this nature industry was for me. This industry challenged me a lot mentally and physically, working long hours under the elements, and also learning to take my stand and make my opinion count being the only women working between men. Working on a game breeding farm far away from all civilisation, made day to day living very lonely, and as a people person that also loves animals, I missed human interaction. My deciding factor, leaving that particular game breeding industry, was that the people in that line of business strive for money rather than the love and protection of all animals. With my mind full of questions, searching for meaning in life, God pointed out a new life for me, and it all pointed to my passed.

In the past I used to help an extraordinary woman, Louinette Weyer, with setting up weddings and other events, which was part of her passion in life. Enjoying every minute, I never realised this would become my future.  What more would a person want than to make two people in loves’, wedding day even more special and turning that fairy tale picture in their heads into reality. As my need was helping people and doing something special in life, I felt God lead me to this industry for a reason.

I remember the school holidays and weekends I used to help Louinette and all the satisfaction after each events hard work and seeing that smile on the clients faces. I remember always wanting to take the lead when there was a party being planned, from baby showers, to family weekends, to DIY weddings for my friends. With a personality that gets bored very quickly, this industry proved to be more soul rewarding than one would think. With each new location and different ideas, making each event a new adventure.

Apart from wedding and events planning, I am also able to follow my passion of dancing. I fell in love with the art of dancing from a young age, as it was one way a shy person could jump out of her box and set her feelings free. Trying all the different styles, I found my deepest passion in Ballroom and Latin dancing and started to teach wedding couples how to dance before their big day.

As I have learned through the years, planning out for the future never ends up as we expect, and plans unexpectedly change. But as long as you do what you love it will keep you motivated!