8 Reasons why you should Hire a Planner or Coordinator for your Wedding or Event:

1) You can continue to go about your day-to-day life, whilst a Planner gives you the information needed so you can make the fun decisions.
2) Less stress, more Fun. Any good Planner does his/her job out of passion for events, for some people planning events is extremely stressful!
3) We have superb suppliers and connections in the industry through whom we get great rates and the best quality of services and products.
4) Let us be the tie breaker or third opinion when you might not agree with a loved one or colleague.
5) Because we do this every day, we have tons of experience and understand event etiquette. Plus we will be able to handle THAT difficult “aunt” or colleague.
6) Coordinating logistics on the big day takes a skilled hand that knows how to manage precious time when setting up or breaking down.
7) The unplanned crisis might arise, and if it does you would want a professional Coordinator to calm the waters and start implementing Plan B.
8) It is a BIG myth that Planners or Coordinators are expensive. A good planner will save you time and money.