IMPRESSIONANT – [French meaning awesome, impressive, stunning, spectacular and awe inspiring]

We have all been there. When you feel you are not living your dream. You are not using those skills and talents that you have been abundantly blessed with. Then you take a risk, you leave your “cushy” job and start making beautiful and special memories happen for other people and it makes you happy.

“It’s the way the world stops, that real “wind still” moment where the dust specs and leaves seems to be floating mid-air…where a bride gets out of the car with her veil blowing in the wind making it that perfect moment just before she takes a deep breath and walks towards the one she loves.”

That is exactly what we do at Impressionant Events. We are all about stylish decor, effortless planning, beautiful blooms, on-site coordination, delectable catering and seamless travel.

We don’t limit ourselves to any type of event, we do it all! Corporate Events, Weddings, small intimate Celebrations and big Social events. We also don’t shy away from destination events, and we can organise travel for your event as well.

Our team comprises out of 3 determined ladies, let me introduce them:


I have always loved people, very cliché I know, but that is what initially drew me to my studies in Tourism Management. After completing my studies I did my practical at a Venue in Centurion, and that is where the events bug bit me and my whole love and future in this awesome industry started. In my position as a Wedding and Events coordinator I had a chance to work with large Corporates with reputable brand names. I was later appointed Sales & Coordination Executive where I managed 3 departments which included Accommodation, Conferencing and Sales. In 2012 I partnered up and co-owned my own events company that focussed on different Events, Weddings and Conferences. Impressionant Events was born in 2014 when I decided to go on my own. I love my job! I love this industry- I still love people! Now Impressionant Events do not only Manage, Coordinate and Plan events, we also Create them.



Being passionate about South Africa and nations warm and hospitable nature, I naturally fell into the Tourism Industry. In 2008 I worked as a Travel Consultant for a local Tour Operator that assisted FIT’s and Groups with travel to African countries as well as travel locally. I then made a move into the Corporate world, were I worked as for a Car Rental Company as Brand Manager in a division that specialised in luxury travel for large groups. My position incorporated Marketing, Events and Sales. I even tried my hand at day to day operations during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. I love events, and I Iove making them run smoothly and look beautifully.



Having a lively personality Events and Parties are my soulfood. After completing my studies in Hospitality Management in 2008 I travelled the world working as an air hostess in the Middle East for 2 glorious years. South Africa is where I was meant to be and I started working as a coordinator at a venue. From there I pursued my dreams by designing weddings, corporate events and parties. I have never looked back since. I believe that I am one of the lucky ones that are actually doing what they are meant to be doing and loving and living every bit of it!


So that is our heart at Impressionant Events! We sincerely hope you enjoy and follow along on our blog, but most of all we hope to meet you someday and maybe create some beautiful memories together!